The Feminine Critique catches up!

Catch up with our friends at the Feminine Critique podcast: “Welcome back to another big batch catchup episode with what Christine and Emily have been watching! There’s LOTS to discuss, including (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) Heartbreakers, the Alien quadrilogy, Kimi, In the Cut, The Blue Lagoon, Spencer, The Grifters, House of Gucci AND The Last Duel, No Exit, Cast a Deadly Spell, The Deep House, Pledge Night, White Nights, 300: Rise of an Empire, West Side Story, The Last Thing Mary Saw, Robert, and lots of sequels that refuse to put numbers or subheaders in their title: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 and Fivecream/5cream/Scream 5, the last of which gets some well-warned spoilers.” Listen here.

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